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To the wonderful staff at Culver Meadows.

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude for the last two years of loving care for our loved one. You have been her extended family when she had to leave her world of Utah for the unknown of Michigan. We have been so impressed with your care, love and patience and treating her with dignity and respect. Culver Meadows exceptional care was most evident recently, after being bed bound for over 9 days she did not have one bed sore. As fellow medical professionals we know how difficult, almost impossible this is. Your dedication blew us away and we cannot thank you enough. To have such care for a loved one means more than you’ll ever know. Please know that you are all a very special group of people and you will forever have a place in our hearts.

~ With love and gratitude, Josh, Carrie, Baylor and Brenna Baldwin. Jan. 2017

Aloha Trina, Brad, ALL Wonderful Helpers,

We want each of you to know that having you all with Mom, when Debbie and I couldn’t be there, was the very best we could have hoped for. Each of you help make Culver Meadows a “Home Away From Home” for all the residents. For Mom to be able to have Hospice Care there made it “Home” for Mom in the end as well.
Thank you Trina & Brad for providing a safe and family atmosphere for all who need to be there. You’d make a difference. 
P.S. Gretchen, thank you so much for staying with Mom on her last night. 03/12/2015

~ Our best to all of you, with Aloha & Hugs. Vickey & Debbie

Dear Trina,

I write to you to let you know how absolutely impressed I was with the care I observed your staff members providing to the residents of Culver Meadows!

The following employees I noted to be exceptional and I ask that you commend them for their great work…

Kim Davenport
Shelly Hulwick
Stacey Howe
Whitney Ward
Morgan Bumgardner
Katie Annabell
Melissa Kilway

These ladies continually provided compassionate, professional care to the residents and work very well as a team. They truly give their hearts to the Culver Meadows residents. Your facility is fortunate to have them all!

~ Sincerely, Shari Detloff BSN, RN, OCN

Brad, Trina, Nicole, & Staff,

Just wanted to say “Thank You” for the wonderful care Dad received while staying at Culver Meadows. His last few years were difficult, and without your kind help would have been even more so.

I can’t tell you how much it has meant to know that Dad was in a clean and caring environment for his final years. We never had to be concerned for his safety or well being at Culver Meadows and could not imagine him being elsewhere.

Please Thank your staff for us and wish them well.

~ Sincere Thanks, Ron Heffelfinger. 1/5/14 | God Bless, Ron & Marie Heffelfinger


Also, I would like to “thank you” for the opportunity I had to work with your staff at Culver Meadows. I thoroughly enjoyed working with each and every staff member and resident. Culver Meadows is a wonderful facility and I will be sure to recommend it to others!

~ Shari Detloff BSN, RN, OCN

“Dear Brad & Trina,

My husband and I can’t say enough about Culver Meadow Senior Living. The owners, staff and the place itself is a Godsend. Trina and Brad Jewett and Kim and the whole staff are an amazing crew. The comfort and support they gave us during our moms time with them was wonderful. The place has a “home away from home feel.” We were always kept informed about our loved one. God Bless Culver Meadows Senior Living!!!”

~ Sincerely yours, Bill and Heather Seigh 9/7/12

“Hi Jewetts,

My mother was a resident at Culver Meadows for more than ten years following a debilitating stroke. The owners, Brad and Trina Jewett are very caring and loving people who frequently go out of their way to see that the needs of a resident are met. My wife and I were always promptly contacted whenever an issue with mom came up. We were encouraged to contact Culver Meadows anytime of the day or night whenever we had concerns. We can assure any prospective new residents or their family that Culver Meadows is a clean, high quality, professionally run facility with caring staff and owners. In fact, we regard Brad and Trina as friends, not just care providers. My wife and I would be happy to speak with anyone who is seeking a quality facility for a loved one. Brad and Trina’s help and guidance in arranging hospice care for mom during her last days was a great comfort to us. Thank you Brad and Trina for the more than ten years of loving care you provided for my mom.”

“Dear Brad and Trina,

First a BIG Thank You again for your help & care of my father. This world is a better place because of people like you. My father was only at Culver Meadows for 7 months. Although it was a short stay the owners & staff were like “FAMILY”. They made my dads care a priority & I felt confident he was in good hands. If you want to feel at ease putting a family member into AFC, I highly recommend Culver Meadows.”

~ Eileen Helms January 27, 2011

“Dear Brad and Trina,

I was today reminded of the wonderful care you and your staff gave my mom during the time she spent at Culver Meadows. I can’t thank you enough for the dignity your “family” showed my mom. I was reminded by a friend who is starting the same voyage with her mom. I recommended that she call you folks and I will recommend Culver Meadows every chance I get. You may not recall but I had my mother in two different places before Culver Meadows. Each of them changed the rules on my mother as her alzheimer’s progressed. Those experiences were the most stressful I have ever been through. And the stress on her was what was really bothersome. I was so happy when Comfort Keepers put us in touch with you! I will bring some chocolate by on a Thursday in the near future. It is great to see you all when I can manage it.”

~ Paul Singer, January 21, 2010

“Dear Brad and Trina,

Although Dad was there a brief time, his care was unparalleled. Not only is your Home clean and fresh, it is obvious that the residents are well cared for. We always felt welcomed when visiting Dad. We love that your children are free to visit the residents. What impressed us most was the care that you gave Dad as he was passing recently. Your support of Heartland Hospice entering Dad’s room, and our rather large family being welcome to spend our last day and a half with him was amazing. You made a very difficult situation, a loving, supportive process. As I said to you personally, we would be happy to speak to anyone seeking a place for their loved one. If we had to do it all over again we would choose you! We will miss you!”

~ Marilyn Mitchell for the Schwanz Family, February 16, 2009

“Moving my mom from the Detroit area to Traverse City last summer was not an easy decision but I knew that she would be well taken care of at Culver Meadows. Trina and her staff are caring, friendly and competent. Culver Meadows has a family atmosphere and feels more like a home than an institutional facility. The home and grounds are clean and well maintained and it is a comfort to know that Brad and Trina live right upstairs. My mother has made friends with both the staff and residents and it is a joy to see her so happy in her golden years.”

~ Patricia Link

“My mother lived at Culver Meadows for a little over a year. She was in the late stages of Alzheimer’s disease, but didn’t act like a typical patient. Trina, her husband Brad, and their staff were very patient and loving to her. I know this was a challenge as she was aggressive and agitated a good portion of the time. Trina was very faithful in attending doctor appointments with us which was very helpful in my mom’s care. I expected many times that Trina would ask me to find a new place for my mom to live, but she never did. I am very grateful that my mom could finish her days at Culver Meadows.”

~ Helen M Phelps, December 16, 2007

My husband was a patient a Culver Meadows for 5 months. While in their care, he was given kindness, patience, and excellent personal grooming and all of the attention that a person with Parkinsonism and Dementia needed. The home itself was always kept spotless and his room was cozy and more like his own home. The owners, Trina and Brad, were in residence most of the time and were able to make decisions that required medical attention. When they were away the could always be reached by Cell Phone. They never hesitated to call me when anything out of the ordinary happened and always kept me apprised of his condition. I visited my husband every day, and witnessing first hand how he was treated and the other patients were treated gave me peace of mind. When my husband had to be hospitalized, at the ind of his life, Trina, Brad and several of the attendants came to visit him and their care and concern even then will always be remembered. From the first time I went to Culver Meadows, it was a warm friendly place and I never regret making the decision to put my husband in their care.”

~ Jo Anne McCallum, December 1, 2007

Brad, Trina, Nicole and all the Culver Meadows staff: I would like to thank you from the Luther family for the wonderful care that you provided for Mom. You made her and us feel like family in the short time that she stayed with you. From the minute she came in your door she was special to your staff. They went above and beyond in caring for Mom and making her comfortable in her last days. We are all spreading the word about what a wonderful place Culver Meadow is to live and we hope that you continue with your future plans to expand and provide more homes for seniors. Again, we that you all and God

~ Bless you for your loving care. Larry, Mike and Mischelle.

Our most sincere thank you to Culver Meadows and Hospice of Michigan staff. Over the past year knowing that Mary was safe and cared for was a such a comfort to our family. With your help we did this the best we could. Thank you again. Sharley Hower

~ Our most sincere thank you. Sharley Hower and family.