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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Medicare does not cover the cost of assisted living services.  Typically assisted living services are privately paid.  There are some programs that do help with the cost, for example the V.A. offers a program for veterans to help with assisted living services. 

There are numerous different activities we provide.  The residents and their families can enjoy arts and crafts, bingo, board games, ball toss.  We have different musical groups and singing groups that come to the facilities.  We also have a weekly exercise/mobility class that the residents love to participate in. We also try to meet the request of residents with their special interest of activities they would like to partake in.

Yes, this is your new home and you should have all the comforts and furnishings you are accustomed to.  Culver Meadows does provide furniture, bed, dresser, wall-mounted television and nightstand for every room. Every room in our facility is a private as well.

We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner and a snack in between.  All meals are freshly prepared with a “home cooked” approach to each meal.  We strive and understand the importance to serve all four food groups every meal  for a well balanced healthy diet. Even our baked treats are freshly baked all day long.

No, if you or your family chooses to you may.  Culver Meadows does offer for an additional charge to meet any supply needs.

Yes, We provide respite care, that is, short term care that allows the family or other care providers to take a break from caregiving.  Whether it be vacation, family emergency or any other situation, Culver Meadows can help.