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Assisted Living Center in Traverse City, MI | Culver Meadows

Medical Director

Chronic Care Management with Medical Director Dr. Nussdorfer, makes weekly visits and more if needed. The nursing staff makes weekly visits and more if needed to all our residents. Most insurances pay for this service.  The Podiatrist (foot doctor) makes in-home visits every six to eight weeks and sooner if needed. Most insurances cover these services.  Culver Meadows does not cover Doctor or Podiatrist expenses.  Physical Therapist also come to our facilities and provide doctor ordered physical therapy when needed.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Culver Meadows prides itself on Specializing in Alzheimer’s and dementia care. With a knowledgeable staff of the disease, stages, and how to better care for residents in these different stages. Not just our staff but our facilities in Traverse City, MI as well are suited to better meet these care needs. 

All Levels of Care

We provide All Levels of Care from Long-term, Short-term and Respite care. Assisted living to those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, to end of life care. (Hospice)

Qualified Staff

All staff are qualified and fully trained to provide the very best care that your loved one(s) deserve. Most training and in-services are done within our facilities, focusing directly on the services of care we provide.

Coded Exits and Entries

All exits and entries are fully coded and alarmed to ensure the safety of our residents and provide their family with the comfort to know their loved one(s) are not wandering out of our facilities.

Hospice Care

Culver Meadows provides families and their loved one(s) the care, understanding and support they may need during this difficult time. Everyone is cared for just like family and we try to help and assist just like any family would.

Daily Activities

We try to enrich and bring joy to our residents life whenever we can. We offer a variety of activities daily. Whether it’s art, music, board games, crafts, movies. We also have singing and musical groups frequent our facilities as well.

Home Cooked Meals

We provide three well balanced, nutritious home cooked meals daily, including a snack in the afternoon. Our residents are welcome to as much as they would like, when it comes to seconds or even thirds. Family may provide any extra food or snacks their loved one(s) may enjoy.

Furniture/Cable TV

All of our rooms at our facilities are fully furnished, residents may have their own furniture from home if desired. A wall mounted TV with cable is provided as well, which the cost of cable service is included in the care rate, with no hidden fees. Phone hook-ups are available in every room, the service cost for a personal phone line is the responsibility of the resident or the family.


All laundry is done on-site and there is no extra charge for laundry service. Dry cleaning if needed is done off-site and their is a separate charge for that service. All cleaning and maintenance of residents rooms is also included in the care rate.


Brad, Trina and their children (Connor and Kara) live nearby and are always available for any questions or concern from families, residents or staff.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to the most asked questions that we receive. Contact Trina 24 hours/7 days a week at (231) 633-5840.

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