1661 N West Silver Lake Rd
Traverse City, MI 49685
Trina’s Ph: 231-633-5840
Administrator’s Ph: 231-633-9430



There is always something to do at Culver Meadows Senior Living

Culver Meadows Senior Living offers a variety of activities to keep our residents stimulated.  We offer things such as arts and crafts, music, bingo, ball toss, board games, coloring, movies.  We have quite a few musical groups and other groups that come to the facility throughout the year to entertain our residents. Our events and activities are designed to encourage residents to be inspired, be adventurous and be connected to each other and our local community.

Our residents regularly enjoy visits from students from local groups that provide entertainment for our residents. Many residents may not have grandchildren in their life and would otherwise miss out on the fun of being in the company of children. We found it is a win win for both our residents and area children to benefit from the social interactions.

If residents or their family members have suggestions on activities we don’t offer, that they may enjoy, let us know. We will try to incorporate it into our group activities.